[old post] See you in 2 years, my space big star T_T

Posted on 2011.08.23

This Monday, August 22, might be the very confusing & distracting day for me…

Since Sunday night, I was feeling quite peaceful because my professor would go to a conference in the next day, so it meant there would be no Monday meeting for our lab.

 That was a relief…

 But then, on Monday morning when I signed in to Twitter, there came one shocking news.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to enlist in the army on September 1st

This was my 1st reaction, just like the emoticon that Heechul likes to use: ㅇ0ㅇ

How come, oppa?

How come you announced this so suddenly, made us Petals & Undeads cry…

We knew that you’ll go sooner or later, but not this sudden…

I was planning to watch Super Show 4 for 2 days just to see you and leader before you guys go to the military service, but now I don’t know whether I’ll still go for 2 days or not go at all…

I was shock, I was disappointed.

But then I understood, that we can’t do anything…

This decision is 100% yours, and I’m sure you’ve considered everything.

I know your characteristics, you wanna go while you’re on the peak of your career, so that everybody will remember you in a good way, right?

I know you love your fans, so much that you don’t want us to wait for you.

But how are we supposed to leave you?

Being the strong-but-fragile human, just like myself, I feel like I can never leave you.

Please do your service for your country, the country that I’m living in now, with honor and pride.

And then 2 years later when you go back, even though I might not inhale the same air with you again, I’ll still support you wherever I’ll be.

Keep shining, my space big star, my cute Mr. Steamed Bun, my Mr. (not so) Simple.

I’m waiting for the time you’ll go back, and I’ll proudly say, “잘 했어요 희철오빠”

Then somehow I realized when he changed his profile picture in twitter, replacing the usual funny pic of steamed bun (찐빵) with his own pic that looks so mature (and lonely) T_T


Heechul imitating Steamed Bun, his favorite character from.. actually-i-don’t-know-where-it-comes-from, LOL


His current profile picture. Handsome, eh?


Latest hairstyle..(which he will miss for 2 years), posing a gesture that he called as “girl group face” XD

“Thank you for loving me unconditionally over the past six years. I won’t, however, ask for you to wait for me. Instead, please support me again if you still like me when I come back with a heart of starting anew.” – Kim Heechul to fans about his Army enlistment.

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