Got a free RAIN poster @ Nature Republic

Tonight, I went out for dinner at Sinchon. We ate together with Suli who will go to Japan tomorrow…Huhuhu so lucky she is *jealous* XD

After a good dinner *haemul yaki udon that I ate was so delicious!!*, me, Au, Ludi & Idd went home to our dorm. When passing the handphone shop, "Chullie" was so busy that we couldn’t flirt on him, hahahahaha poor us!! Then when we passed in front of Nature Republic (a cosmetic shop, a salesman pulled Idd to come inside the shop *what an agressive oppa!*

Then we went inside the shop and looked around. I bought blue nail-polish, Idd bought lip-gloss and sunblock, hmm… I think I’ll buy the lip-gloss, honey body lotion, and apple body mist next time. And btw I bought the nail polish only for 1,000 won (Rp.10.000). Cheap, but soooo good! Even it’s cheaper than in Indonesia^^

Enough with shopping

and testing so many products XD
, we went to the cashier and GOT 2 RAIN POSTERS FOR FREE!! Ahahahaha lucky~ Hmmm I don’t know if I should be grateful or not, haha…I was a RAIN fan when watched Full House, but now I just feel so-so towards him *one of favorite word of Korean people: "so-so", ahahaha*

But still, it’s RAIN!! The cute guy with sexy body…

Nature Republic…RAIN everywhere O_o

RAIN shopping bag with posters inside, and bonuses (a package of shower puff and cotton)


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