Sakurai Sho Greeted Fans in NYCC

Damn…Feel sooo excited just to watch the video!!

Sho-chan kakkoiiiiiii..Kakkosugiruuu

I read a fanreport in arashi_on that Sho supposedly held meet-and-greet at the booth, but NYCC committee was surpised to see overloading fans waiting for Sho. The booth absolutely wouldn’t fit, and also not good for his safety. So they changed plan and Sho just greeted fans through glass window T___T

Damn he’s so kakkoii though he’s not my favorite in Arashi. Notice in this video that fans tried to attract his attention by singing A.Ra.Shi and waving uchiwa. LOL great fans!!!

credit to lilswtangel


7 thoughts on “Sakurai Sho Greeted Fans in NYCC

  1. Mimiko
    Oh iya yah Tego juga lagi ke Amrik, tapi kayanya jauh dari NY

    Embeer..Bikin iri banget didadahin Sho,
    gw juga merinding denger fans nyanyi a.ra.shi, saikooo!!

  2. ehehehehehehe~
    *mupeng gilaa*

    baby baby baby baby~
    andai aku ada disana~
    andai kau melambaikan tanganku~
    ahahaha, sy ketinggalan berita nih bu.. minta info2 NYCC lain donk! Males ngubek2 friends page yg seabreg-abreg ^^;

  3. Anna
    Me too…*though still couldn’t handshake with him* XD

    Info apaan? Gw juga cuma baca 1-2 fanreport ^^
    Apalagi nemu fanreport dari fans yg childish, sebel ><;

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